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Co-op might want someone who has seen a bicycle to reposition the cycle rack in front of its store, if it wants more than one person to stop by.

Cargo bike finally met its nemesis on @MertonCycling patch. This at the end of an alleyway half a mile long, no "no cycling" signage, and it's too narrow to turn an 8'6 bike around. Reversing up on foot it is 😡 … [more]

Publicise this designated cycle route rather than closing local roads and installing bus gates

Widen pavement to enable more space for pedestrians and cyclists. The current pavement is very narrow making it difficult for cyclists to pass.

Level access for cyclists onto the shared path on the A3 to/ from Beverley Way is via an impractical dropped kerb necessitating a sharp S-bend manoeuvre. The dropped kerb needs to be relocated to allow a straight line of sight for cyclists … [more]

SW19 3AT

The signage here indicates that the pavement is a shared cycling and pedestrian path. As such it is too narrow.

Cyclists turning right after the civic building onto A24 are having to try and navigate their way across three often busy lanes of traffic

Safe cycle/pedestrian crossing needed where NCN 208 joins B235 in St Georges Road

Dropped kerbs needed to link 2 sections of NCN 208

Junction entry is wide encouraging vehicles approaching not to slow down as much making crossing more dangerous

Footpath is very narrow (even when cars park on it) and the camber on the road is very steep and so you have to walk/cycle in the middle of the road. It is also uncomfortable to walk on such a surface.

Modal filter (bikes/pedestrians only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (bikes/pedestrians only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (bikes/pedestrians only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Dropped kerb needed from road onto cycle route 20

Pave Morden town centre and send traffic via Aberconway Road and Morden Hall Road. Set up fruit and veg market stalls on paved area with a clock tower and planters and seated areas for cafe culture to grow!

Cyclists having to go around the one way system to get to Martin Way from central Morden. Cyclists could go via Civic Centre area, along pavement on Crown Lane to crossing opposite Grasmere Avenue

Cyclists having to go around the one way system to get to Martin Way from central Morden.

Pointless cycle lane (when heading South East) which takes you off the A236 and then dumps you back on it a hundred meters further along.

Allowing/ enabling the turn into Poplar Rd South by cycles (from Links Ave/ Martin Way)

Currently a shared path with pedestrians which leads to conflict situations. Segregated cycle lane needed.

Segregated cycle lane urgently needed

Very narrow pavement used as a school route to Raynes Park High and needs widening. Currently used by cyclists due to lack of cycling provision.

Extremely narrow pavements due to privileged pavement parking by many vehicles

The road is far too quick with speeding HGVs making cycling and walking incredibly dangerous and unpleasant. The road surface is also terrible exacerbating the problem. Very few cyclists use this main road as result resulting in a huge … [more]

Cycle lane needed, especially for right fork into A238

Cycle lane needed. Current shared path with pedestrians not wide enough for safe distancing or to avoid conflict .

Cycle lane between B286 and entrance to playing fields, in urgent need of resurfacing. Currently not fit for purpose.

Safe crossing urgently needed by cyclists and pedestrians to access playing fields. Bushey Road needs speed limits reduced with signage

Parking provision over cycle lane & part pavement needs removing.

Part pavement/cycle lane parking provision needs removing

Currently no cycling provision along A24 . A segregated cycle lane much needed.

Cycle lanes urgently needed. Crossroads are currently a death trap for cyclists.

Cycle lane urgently needed. Cyclists currently at risk amongst one way 2 lane traffic, especially when forking right into A219.

Segregated cycle lane urgently needed along Wimbledon Broadway

Pedestrian crossing needed from Kingston Road northside across lower Downs Road. It is a school route.

Dangerous junction needs crossing from Kingston Road to Burstow Road

Dropped kerbs needed on either side of road for disabled scooter/buggy/scooter access from rail way path

Dropped kerbs ( and crossing if road not closed) needed to join up railway path on either side

Dangerous unpainted and unprotected cycle 'lane' leading cyclists centrally between 2 lanes of speeding traffic

2 way path under cattle arch where pedestrians are unprotected from cyclists disinclined to dismount.

Shared path not wide enough safety and crossing needed across vehicular subway south to north A238

Pedestrian/cycle shared path needs safe crossing over A238 vehicular subway. Shared path not wide enough for safe distancing

Shared pedestrian/cycle path needs safe crossing over vehicular south to north subway A238

Pedestrians sharing path with cyclists are endangered crossing busy A238 vehicular subway with no crossing

Part pavement parking extremely hazardous to pedestrians/disabled users/children along this narrow busy road. Council & councillors have been lobbied, but instead, emergency plans to remove parking have been dropped.

Council have dropped emergency plans to remove hazardous parking privileges, covering part pavement and cycle lane. Large vehicles frequently overpark, endangering pedestrians & cyclists, damaging paving, causing trip hazards

Cut back vegetation to improve sightlines. Adjacent owner of Crusader Hall site to cooperate.

Remove barriers discouraging mobility scooters, wheelchairs and double buggies.

Keep on top of overgrowth obstructing this new lit smooth surfaced path - it forces people travelling at different paces into conflict. It's not just about time!

Due to recent encouragement to cycle instead of using public transport. Can we please look into having bike stands or sheds on the estates. I do not drive so do not own a car & my flat is too small to store 2 bikes indoors. Also I'm … [more]

Measures to prevent traffic, including HGVs, using residential road as a rat run alternative to Gap Road

4 sets of pedestrian lights to cross here! Needlessly car centric, please reduce the number of crossings to make it more attractive for walking. Especially considering this walking route is recommended by TfL as an interchange between the … [more]

Cycle lane ends just before a pinch point which is dangerous, road is wide enough for a cycle lane in both directions. Parking on the western side of the road is not needed and can be removed to make space. Cycle lane seperation desperately … [more]

Three lanes of traffic and no cycle lane, more than enough room to add one, also considering that cycling on the pavement here is banned.

Main access to and through Wimbledon Park for cyclists, including children.

There should be a separate lane for cycles along Windmill Road and all along B272 (Mitcham CR4 and around)

Replace the barrier here (Bennetts Close to Oakleigh Way) with a bollard to allow cycles and mobility scooters through.

Central Road is very hostile to cycling. Central Road is a major route.

Central Road is very hostile to cycling. Central Road is a major route.

A237 Enable safe journeys by key workers to work. It is regularly congested with traffic and I feel unsafe cycling on it when so busy.

Goat Rd space for cycling / navigating junction

Intervention: Provide a protected cycle lane (coned) between the signalised crossing and the cycle way that starts off road before the roundabout using the nearside lane. Reason: Currently no facilities for cycling exist and the cycle lane … [more]

Intervention: Provide a protected cycle lane (coned) under bridge and make clear signage for pedestrians and cycles through roadworks. Reason: Currently the cycle lane has been used as a footway but it's not clear, the temp cycle way is … [more]

Possible bus gate on Kingston Rd

Create low traffic area and safe route to Wimbledon / local schools

Bus gate so only buses can go through Wimbledon / pedestrianise to make area pleasant and less polluted

Create safe route to Wimbledon Park

Crossing needed at roundabout

Create low traffic area

Crossings needed all side of Wimbledon Hill Roundabout

Cut rat-running across Common

Filter rat-running so Common is safe and to stop the severance

Create safe route to Richards Lodge and Bishop Guilpin on Lake Rd

Create public space for market/cafes

Create route to Common/schools

Open route to residents to use on foot and cycle

Stop rat-running on Cambridge Rd and make it safe for kids

Protected cycle route needed

Protected cycle route needed

Protected cycle route needed

Protected cycle route all the way along Worple Road

Protected cycle routes

Bollards and speeding traffic make very narrow and the vehicles impatient as cyclists going uphill and pass with little regard for safety.

No physically segregated cycle lane between Raynes Park and Wimbledon. Convert painted lines

Tailbacks of cars every morning with little room for cyclists to pass due to the parked cars down each side and large buses/trucks

Cyclists are lumped in with pedestrians on the pavement which is dangerous. The pavement is a worse surface too

TFL need to put proper segregated lanes on the A24 to help key workers get to St Georges Hospital

Extend the Figges Marsh cycle path up to Tooting

The pavement is so narrow here, its intimidating to walk so close to traffic. But its a narrow road bound by historic walls. How could widening be achieved here? hmm

Can the council take space from the front of the school sites to make a wider road for cycling / segregated cycle paths?

Pavements and cycle lanes need improved here. Its awful walking or cycling to Wandle Industrial Museum or Vestry Hall. I hope the local groups don't object.

I love the idea of a cycle greenway in this park. I dont want my children cycling on a road when they can learn to cycle much more safely in the park.

I love the idea of a cycle greenway in this park. I dont want my children cycling on a road when they can learn to cycle much more safely in the park.

TFL need to extend Cycle Superhighway 7 from Colliers Wood to Cheam on the A24

Close the northern part of the dual carriageway. Its too wide, not needed and would not only create space for biking and walking, it will take the traffic and fumes away from Merton Abbey School.

Merantun Way is ridiculously wide at Morden Road. Please add cycle lanes, there is plenty of room and its less congested than High Path.

Merantun Way is crying out for pavements. No wonder traffic speeds, it looks like a bypass. The new school will need more pavements.

Implement TFLs cycle crossing over Merantun Way. The Wandle Trail is busier than ever with local people and children exercising

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